Hey, whatsup guys!!

This is DEEPAK PAL and you are visiting TRICKSTUBE.NET

So guys in this post ,i am going to tell you how you can hide your photos from gallery without installing any software.
If you are interested in this topic,you might be search on google about HOW TO HIDE PHOTOS FROM GALLERY WITHOUT ANY APP.
So here is the trick-

  • Go to your SD CARD
  • Create a ne folder and name it whatever you want
  • But keep in mind that you have add a DOT  [  .  ] before the name.Ex. [.TRICKSTUBE]
  • Move you photos that you want to hide from the gallery into this folder .
  • Now check i the gallery ,you photos are no showing there.
  • You can access you photos by going to the folder simply.

So guys this was the trick how you can hide the photos from your gallery.