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                   if you people are looking for top 5 best affiliate Networks and programs so here in this post I well tell you the best affiliate marketing sites for you I have researched on it and I got some of the best 5 sites that are suitable for affiliate marketing so if you like share this post with your friends and family……. 


ShareASale caters to businesses across all main product categories, from green products to business services. ShareASale charges sign-up fees as well as fees per sale. It has a solid stable of affiliate publishers, and the broad selection of product categories means that it can cater to many different businesses.

2.Amazon Associates

If you sell on Amazon, you automatically participate in their affiliate program as a merchant. Affiliate publishers who participate in the Amazon Associates program can promote any page or product they find on Amazon and can earn affiliate revenue for it. Amazon Associates is very simple and requires no input from merchants, but you don’t have any control over commissions, and there are no management services available.

3.CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate by Conversant, formerly known as Commission Junction, is a global affiliate marketing service that offers a variety of affiliate services, including an exhaustive list of pay per action, or PPA models, publishing models and ad types. CJ Affiliate works to include only serious, reputable affiliate publishers in their network with a robust application process and publisher contract. Notably, this company only offers affiliate marketing services.


Rakuten Linkshare is one of the oldest affiliate partner networks that is gaining popularity very fast. To wade off competition as well as making it user-friendly, the platform come with some distinctive features. One of these features includes rotating different banner ads for specific products, making it easier to administer and optimize in the long run. Instead of having to select the ad, you would want to run on your blog manually; that will let multiple versions of ads rotate with a small piece of code.

5.Click bank

You no more need to be aregisteredmerchant to promote a certain product online. With ClickBank you can easily market the product that interests you to the online consumers. Thanks to the high popularity rate and demand of the products on the site, the rate of commission to the promoters is also as high as 75%. One of the best aspects of ClickBank is its presence of options to promote different products in different ways.

So guys these are the top5 affiliate networks that you should join today.

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